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The Desert

After leaving British Columbia in early March, we headed for the desert southwest.  It was still snowing in BC and hard to pull ourselves away, but the desert was calling and we were ready to go.   The southwestern US is truly one of the greatest places on earth.  There is an abundance of canyons, rivers, mountains, wildlife, starry nights, national parks, friendly people and wide open spaces.  We went from one protected space to another and we were stunned by the beauty and remoteness the entire time.  If you have not been, put it on your list.  It is not to be missed.  While in the desert, we mountain biked, canyoneered, hiked, paddled and soaked in the warmth.  Again we were so fortunate to have great friends join us for a variety of adventures.  Thank you to all who made this so fun! A special shout out to Tom and Ashley who provided list after list of great places to recreate and some of the necessary gear to do so.  Below are some photos from our 4 week stint.   The riding is ALL
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Jumbo Hut

  Continued greetings from British Columbia! The snow is still falling and the powder is still deep. We recently left to comforts of RED to go to a backcountry hut at Jumbo Pass.  It is located in the Purcell mountain range, just south of the Bugaboos. This area was recently saved from the persistent efforts of the commercial ski industry who wanted to build a mega resort in this pristine wilderness.  Thanks to the efforts of many groups, this area will be preserved in its natural state forever.  To read more and see this area click here, Keep Jumbo Wild .   This will give you a sense of the beauty and the importance of keeping it wild. Getting to the hut involves about an hour snowmobile and then a 2500 foot climb to the cabin. The access was a bit of a challenge as 3 out of 5 of us had to tow/ski behind the snowmobile on a narrow logging road with many obstacles along the way.  I was fortunate ride the snowmobile both ways.  Watching the guys get towed behind was like watching a bad

Epic Skiing

Roger's Pass Skiing in Roger’s Pass is any skiers dream come true. The mountains are big, beautiful, steep and numerous. You can get whatever you want: huge open bowls, glacier skiing, steep trees, and remote huts. This place has it all. Getting to the top of the mountains is challenging.  Breaking trail t akes a lot of effort and burns many calories. Thankfully the scenery is stunningly beautiful on the long up tracks. As of my last post, we skied 4 days with our friends.  After they left, we skied 2 days in Christiana Trees, which we had to ourselves. Each lap is 2300 vertical feet, so not many laps! If you are wondering how this area got its name, see photo below.  Some major old growth here.  I have literally become a tree hugger! Next we climbed Little Sifton.  It was a bluebird day with lots of great views.  Nice to get up high when the sun was shining and the wind was calm.                                 After much sun and warmth, we got hit with a lot of new snow … even

Road Trip

  We made it to BC! January 17th: The day before our big departure, we got our covid PCR tests, which are needed to enter Canada. The results were valid for 72 hours so we had our work cut out for us to get across the border within this time frame. The clock was ticking…. Ready, Set, Go! January 18th : 5:00 am we hit the road - photo of Greg below who was so psyched!  You can’t tell but he already has his ski boots on.  We drove 17  hours, then hit a truck stop to sleep a bit.  We were somewhere in Minnesota.  The hum of the diesel engines was good white noise.   January 19th:  Windy day makes for jostling van.  Sue tired.  Greg not impacted in the slightest.   January 20th: 3 days, 3 Wordle games, 8 PB&Js, and 12 fuel stops later, we cross the Canadian border with just minutes to spare.  Phew.  I am not experiencing the relaxing part of retirement just yet. Let the skiing begin! We met our friends Tom, Jeanie and Jonny for 4 days of skiing (or what I would call "hard marching

Planning, Packing, and Perseverating!

August 2020 we ordered our Sprinter van, a.k.a. RED, which arrived 1 year later.   Greg was on a mission to have the van converted to a camper by our retirement date of January 18, 2022.  The vansformation commenced.  It was an epic feat to modify this empty cargo van into a cozy camper.  Greg worked day and night. I worked day! 😉    December 2021 RED van conversion is complete and we take our first test run.  Huge success!  We LOVE our van! Rig is dialed Slide out bike rack is key Blank slate to start Cozy interior complete One pot cooking is pretty fun (so far) We are hoping the winter months of cold and snow are doable in our van.  Our only question is water - will our water jugs freeze?  We shall see!  Otherwise, our van is warm and we have our sleeping bags as back up. Lessons learned.... - Never chase a tandem or try to keep up with Greg - Taking a saw to the side of the van is not really a problem -  Make sure your Sc rabble board can fit on your van table - Coffee in the van i